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Cocktails without compromise


Ace + Freak was created because we believe good times should be had with a great drink in hand. Time spent queuing at the bar is time off the dance floor.

Obsessive about flavours and quality ingredients we only use natural juices, purees and extracts to create our range. We blend our own spirits, fuck off the preservatives and bring all this perfectly together in a can to ensure they are fresh AF when they get to you.

Whether it's a festival, gig, club, house party or forest rave, stay in the moment with a tasty AF canned cocktail.



Ace + Freak cocktails are created by Tom Soden, drinks master, an award-winning bartender and our founder. He has spent over 15,000 hours concocting drinks people love. All natural, no preservatives, blended with premium spirits. 

Our 2019 range
ยท ยท ยท
Watermelon + Cucumber Sangria
Blood Orange + Cranberry Americano
Ginger + Lemongrass Mule
Elderflower + Mint Spritz 



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