We want to dive deeper into the world of quality liquids, and how we came to carefully chose each specific ingredient for each cocktail.

Juicy AF

What’s in a juice?

Juicy AF.

Whats in a juice?

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Boozy AF

Most ready to drink cocktails use a type of alcohol called neutral grain spirit or NGS. This is a highly concentrated form of ethanol that is produced by repeatedly distilling a spirit within a continuous still to produce a spirit that is above 95% ABV. These NGS’s contain very little in the way of flavour and are just used to add alcohol content to a drink. At Ace+Freak we don’t use any NGS, all of our alcohol content comes from hand picked ingredients that provide us with alcohol and more importantly, flavour. The alcohol that we use comes in three different forms.


The wine we use is from Airén grapes’ that are native to Spanish grape. It produces a medium acidity wine with green apple and yellow citrus flavours. This light and fresh wine cuts through the sweeter notes of the drink. The wine used in Ace+Freak is from La Mancha region in east central Spain.

The Spanish white wine adds an additional layer of tannins to our cocktails giving them a pleasing dry finish.  The wine is produced using traditional methods and the grapes are harvested in August/September.

Craft Spirits

We work with a small craft distillery in West London to produce our spirits. Each spirit is carefully selected by us to provide us with the right flavour required. The London Dry Gin we use in our Ginger+Lemongrass Mule is bespoke to us. We use a gin with an increased amount of botanicals to bring our rich juniper flavours in the final cocktail.

The recipe includes 10 botanicals but is dominated by juniper, orris, coriander and angelica.  It is distilled in a one shot distillation but with a 24 maceration prior.  We receive the product at 40% ABV and it adds to the herbal complexity of the sweet vermouth.

Fortified Wine

We use both dry and sweet vermouths in our cocktails. A vermouth is a wine that is flavoured with different botanicals and then fortified with an unnaged brandy.

The dry vermouth used in Ace+Freak is produced in France near the Italian border, the original birthplace of vermouth.  The producer keeps the recipe a secret but there are strong notes of coriander seed, lemon, marjoram and a soft floral note of chamomile along with the bitter note of Artemisia.

The Spanish vermút rojo used in the drink is sourced from a small producer in Rues, Catalonia.  Although the exact recipe is a secret the vermouth itself has a rich kola nut sweetness with nutmeg and cinnamon on the finish.