The Story

It all started with six friends in East London who shared a love of music, booze and the good things in life. These friends were Tom Soden, (names). a team of industry professionals who wanted to make something of quality and have a love for the simple pleasures in life. We believe you can taste this experience in every can.

Tom is a drinks geek and is passionate about sharing this with you. He has put in 15, 000 hours behind a bar to master his cocktail making craft, which has honed his ability to produce the perfect balance of flavours with the best ingredients for any occasion.

When they went out, they struggled to find a drink made with quality ingredients, had a consistent taste (no matter the bartender), and was sustainably sourced. Introducing Ace+Freak, a tasty AF cocktail in a can.

Sangria Canned Cocktail
Watermelon and Cucumber Canned Cocktail Tattoo

The Aim

Its simple really, Ace+Freak ensured the following were integral parts of the process, everything else followed!

  • Cocktail-bar quality - nothing synthetic or processed

  • Sustainably Sourced - all ingredients sourced with the Earth in mind.

  • Consistent quality - Your cocktail will taste the same, no matter the bartender, time or location.

  • Convenience - You don’t need fancy glassware, mountains of ice or sticky shakers. Just somewhere cool to chill.

    We hope you enjoy our Tasty AF cans, as much as we’ve enjoyed making them for you.

Team A+F x